Stockholm: Clean and Green


STOCKHOLM is the capital of Sweden and the largest city in all of Scandinavia.  It was fully a part of European history by the mid-13th century as a regular port for the trade of the Hanseatic League, complete with many German-speakers, and was capital of the Swedish Empire.  Today it is one of Europe’s most desirable cities, clean and green and polished to a high sheen.  Its location surrounded by open water keeps its temperatures moderate, despite its sixty-degree northern latitude. 

There is an old town.  Landmarks include the Royal Palace; the Church of St. Nicolas; the German Church; the House of Lords; the Stock Exchange; Riddarholm Church; The House of Parliament and the National Bank.  Summertime rocks, with nightlife everywhere.  This far north closing time is… never.

There are plenty of hostels in Stockholm, all types for all budgets, including boats and jumbo jets retrofitted for accommodation.  There are eleven of them listed in the book, complete with full specs and contact info.