Tallinn: Picture Postcard Perfect

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TALLINN, formerly known as Reval, is the principal city of Estonia in every way.  It was a Hanseatic city back in the day, and something like a time capsule today.  If nothing else, communism can be depended on to stop the clock.  It is also party central for mobile hip Westerners who like to descend on a budget-friendly member of their European hinterlands which has just been selected for further in-depth maneuvers of the social kind… all of which is to say that the women are friendly.  The city is cute as a bug, too, and a UNESCO world heritage site.  Landmarks include the 13th C. Toom Church, the Gothic Oleviste and Niguliste churches, the Great Guildhall of 1410, the 14th C. Rathus, and much of the old castle.  It is well-connected by ferry to Finland, Russia, and Germany, by bus to the south, and budget airlines to all over.  Hostels are good, but please, “don’t sleep drunk in the kitchen.”  And don’t sleep on the router, either.

The hostels here are good, and the new book, “Backpackers & Flashpackers: 500 Hostels in 100 Cities in 25 Countries,” has eleven of them listed, all with complete specs and contact info.  It is due to be published very soon, countdown 10… 9…