Hot Travel Tip: Did you know that you can max up and max out your credit cards, then simply leave the country, and sip whiskey laughing while the bills and threats roll in and pile up? It’s true. One-way tickets work best. Thailand is a favorite destination. There’s only one problem: it’s wrong. So why do I tell you? Because morality implies a choice.

It’s tempting, too, now that that banks are desperate; not desperate for food, of course, but desperate for the good old days. You know they’re desperate when they take a credit application over the phone, at their initiative; especially when they’ve absconded with $3868 (not including interest) of my money only a few short years ago; especially with 100 countries in my passport; especially with a $15K credit limit; especially when they canceled my previous credit card unilaterally and refused subsequent applications. They claim they acted in good faith; so did I.

I guess living right is the best revenge. Yes, it really is. Even though banks may be complicit–if not cause–of many of the world’s current problems, that doesn’t mean I should use that to justify theft. Even if I could max out at $50K, that wouldn’t hurt them. it would only hurt me. Did you know that the religious law of “eye for an eye” forbids revenge, i.e. punitive damages? Too bad; I hear it’s sweet. I think it forbids interest, too. Can you imagine what the world would be like if the payment of interest were forbidden? I figure that interest on loans were the origin of capitalism. What do you think?