Featured City – Thessaloniki, Greece: It’s a Party


Thessaloniki waterfront

THESSALONIKI is Greece’s second city, as it was long ago in the Byzantine Era as “co-capital” with Constantinople.  If Athens was the cultural capital of ancient Greece, then Thessaloniki is the cultural capital of the modern one.  Equal parts Greek, Balkan, Anatolian and Mediterranean, it has always stood along the border of cultures mixing and mingling as circumstances demanded, be it ancient Macedonians, Illyrians, Thracians, and Slavs, or modern Turks, Jews, Muslims, Slavs, and…oh yeah, Greeks.  There are transport links in all directions.  Thessaloniki was also an important early Christian center.  Paul wrote First Thessalonians here.  In the 9th century Greek missionaries Cyril and brother what’s-his-name methodically standardized the Old Church Slavonic language, the first literary language for Slavs.  There are many Byzantine churches still standing, including the Ayia Sofia, the church of Ayia Dimitrios, the Panaghia Chalkeon, and the church of Osios David. Today it has a rep as a party town.  Have fun.

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