Announcing the Publication of “500 Hostels in the USA (& Canada & Mexico): Backpackers & Flashpackers”


Backpackers & Flashpackers

Well, the files are prepared and the digital proofs look good.  I’m just waiting for an actual physical copy to make sure it doesn’t have a marshmallow center or something weird like that, then the book should be up on Amazon within a few days.  I’ve been known to skip the final step to speed up the process, but considering that the first physical proof two weeks ago had forty-four blank pages, it’s not just idle speculation or misplaced caution.  So I rejected it and spent $200 more to save you two bucks off the price of a book.  How’s that for service?  Maybe you’re scratching your head wondering what this hostel bizniz is all about, anyway.  Here’s the back cover:

Have you been to Europe before, staying in hostels all over, and wondered why there were so few in the US, and so hard to find?  Well, you’ve come to the right place, and I’m happy to report that American hostels are alive and well, and on the verge of breaking big any day now.  Already the two coasts have quite a few and the interior is gradually filling up in places like Chicago and New Orleans.  The surprising thing is that the quality is actually quite good, up to modern ‘flashpacker’ standards, so it’s just a matter of time before any place worth its name will have a good hostel or two, or ten or a hundred. 

Canada’s got a head-start, with European-like hostel numbers and quality already in places like Montreal and Vancouver, and some wilderness-based hostels that remind you just where the term ‘backpacker’ came from in the first place.  Very few countries have the nature to compete with that.  So what about good ol’ Mexico?  Well, I’ve saved the best for last.  Greece has got nothing on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, and Mexico City has more hostels than any other city in North America, followed closely by Oaxaca and long-time backpack fave San Cristobal de las Casas.  You heard it here first.  Now not only will you have WiFi and kitchens and fellow travelers where you stay, but you’ll have a safe haven and a home-away-from-home and a language you understand.  Vamos a la playa, gabacho.

(If you’re a reviewer and would like a PDF copy for possible review on your blog or Amazon, leave me your e-mail address and I’ll send you one)