“500 Hostels” Coming Soon to a Radio Near You? That’s Hypertravel, Baby…

Well, I’m excited.  Not only is the latest edition  of “Backpackers & Flashpackers” out and available–“500 Hostels in the USA (& Canada & Mexico)”–but I’ve got my first radio interview lined up and ready to go, thanks to my hardworking and long-suffering (one week) publicist Rachel.  I’ve never done anything like this before, so this should be a hoot.  We’ll laugh and we’ll cry as we reminisce about the Big Bang and the origin of Life and the evolution of our species as we know it.  We’ll touch on the domestication of animals and its role in the Agricultural Revolution I’m sure, as well as the development of language and how that began to inform our thoughts and shape our lives as a certain level of organization took over what had previously had been something analogous to Boolean logic: more than, less than, equal to, and including (or not), etc.  The Industrial Revolution still going on to this day will be hard to ignore, of course, as will the Great Migrations of History–Inuit, Athabascan, Russian, and American–and me.  Which brings us back to travel, the subject I’ve chosen as my life’s thesis.  I guess we’ll have to talk about travel eventually, could be the start of something big.  Maybe instead of ‘Ask a Mexican’ it’ll be ‘Ask a Gringo’ or ‘Ask a Farang.’  Yeah.

All kidding aside, this should be fun.  So if you happen to be in the greater Omaha area–actually Shenandoah, IA in that Tri-Corner region that includes Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri–on June 20 then you should definitely set your dial to 690AM at 8:45a.m. local time and I’ll try to entertain you during your rush hour traffic.  Ha!  And don’t spill your espresso while you’re fiddling with those buttons, like I did in Lisbon waiting for the fado to start.  It’ll leave a nasty stain on those trousers.  Stay tuned.