Welcome to Hawaii: More Than Paradise


Big Island

You’ve battled the crowds on Oahu before, and you’ve even gotten wowie in Maui.  But have you been to the Big Island yet?  That’s a whole different story: HAWAI’I (BIG ISLAND) is the largest of the Hawaiian Islands, with more than 4000sq.mi/10,000sq.km, including five volcanoes, some of them still active.  The Great Crack is just the opposite, a deep fissure.  Then there’s the Hilna Slump, a chunk of Kilauea Volcano that is slumping away.  King Kamehameha was from here, and eco-tourism is big, though agriculture is still important.  Population is 185,000.  Hilo is the main city, with over 43,000 people, a downtown area, and market. Kirpal Meditation & Ecological Center is one of our partner hostels there, but they’re more than just a hostel. Beds start at thirty bucks a head.  This and 499 other hostels are written up with complete specs and contact details in “500 Hostels in the USA (& Canada & Mexico),” available online now!