“Back in the day,” as they say, we used to laugh, smirk and poke fun at those ‘couch potatoes’ defined by their lumpy figures and the TV soaps, sitcoms, and sports that they would rather watch than play. But has anything really changed? If anything, it seems to have gotten worse. The only difference is that now we carry the couch with us wherever we go. Bellies have only gotten bigger over time, and waistlines probably won’t start receding until microbiologists finally find a genetic ‘cure’ for the ‘disease’. TV shows may have gotten better—at least on the non-broadcast channels—but I doubt that’s what most people are watching on their smart-phones and iPads. No, mostly we’re not watching the ‘other’. We’re watching each other, in love with ourselves and our comfort zones, sweet dreams and sweet nothingness.  That’s why I like to travel… with my laptop.