In South Thailand They Like it Hot… & Sweet


Muslim Food in Trang, Thailand

The food down south, fierce and fiery, is renowned even amongst Thais for its spiciness. That includes yellow curries, and of course, seafood, a welcome addition for us semi-vegetarians quickly backsliding into ovo-lacto-chicketarianism.

Then there are the sweets, similar to the rest of Thailand, and heavily based on the use of coconut, or at least the ‘milk’ (not to be confused with the ‘water’). This is native to the south, of course, and likely the point of dissemination toward the north, along with much of ‘Thai’ cuisine, curries originally from Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Indian sub-continent, in my theory, at least.

Thai southern sweets: Trang, Thiland

Thai southern sweets: Trang, Thiland

There is also ‘Muslim food’, which is really not so much different, to be honest, and which I take to be vindication of my theory of southern origins. Still they make a distinction in numerous eateries, mostly in the oldest part of town. You won’t find pork, there, though, that’s for sure, and that’s the main difference.

BTW be careful with the coconut milk. Over-indulgence can have a constipatory effect, as I found out the hard way years ago during a brief love affair with sticky rice and mango. That’s a triple whammy I don’t want to repeat.