#Thailand: Let There be #Mangos, Red Gold and Green…


Mango trees for sale in Thailand

…and on the seventh day God said, “Wait a minute–one more thing.” And thus were created mangos, and they were good. And God said, “Jesus, those are good.” And Jesus said, “Dad, can I have another one?” God frowned, “Go eat your rice, son.” “Can I have sticky rice with mango?” God shakes his head. “You know those plug you up, son.” Jesus wept.

And so mangos went forth and multiplied, and divided, and wandered far from their origins, all around the world, somehow ending up in Thailand, on the beach, not aware that they were somehow all related. Some were tiny with thin skins and seed almost as big as the fruit. Others were small yellow and hairy inside. Others were big red and juicy. Still others were sweet enough to eat green and raw.

And there they were bred for their distinctions, not their similarities, in order to produce the most perfect, thin-skinned, fiber-less beauty. I’m talking fruit here, not women. And then I woke up. That’s what usually happens when I realize I’m dreaming…