#Istanbul #airport: Nothing’s free in Istanbul, except laughs

Phone Chargers in Istanbul

Phone Chargers in Istanbul

There isn’t much to do at IST if you’ve got a 12 hour layover, and none of that is free–no water fountains, no electric sockets, no WiFi, nada nadita. The closest cheapest hotels are over $100. Yeow! There are some rather longish benches between the international and domestic terminals that are not bad, though. Xanax helps.

So there’s this kid playing on one of the golf-cart-like shuttles, turning the wheel and pretending to honk the horn etc. Well, I’m always looking for a little fun, of course. Like a long-suffering tribe of trouble-makers lost in somebody else’s desert, it’s my sense of humor that keeps me going, after all. So I sneak up on him, sit down, and unload my luggage. “Gate 53, please, hurry.”

Well, I was looking for a smile or two, maybe a laugh or a little harrumph in some mutually intelligible language, but that’s not what happened. The little kid was so startled that he jumped up and started running, didn’t stop until he was almost out of sight, though I protested loudly that I was only joking. I hope he’s okay…