Cry for #Guatemala… whose failed government?

1983 selfie in Guatemala

1983 selfie in Guatemala

The irony of the child refugee situation is that much–if not most–of the gang activity they’re escaping was learned in the USA, or so goes the scuttlebutt.

That was during the 80’s i suppose, when Central Americans were escaping civil war and right-wing death-squad violence down there.

There wasn’t so much crime there then: the right-wing military governments kept a tighter grip than the current ‘democracies’.

So they came up here and learned the gang techniques that they could use later when their fascist governments finally succumbed to more modern democracies that wouldn’t be able to stand up to them?

That makes sense, I guess…

Seems like democracy is the ‘failed government’ these days, in Central America, Thailand, and elsewhere; it takes education, sorely lacking in much of the world…