Qatar, Cutter, Gutter, Cuddlier: Let's call the World Cup off…

Is this our fate as a descendant of the British Empire, the right to butcher languages like beef body parts all reduced to hamburger, just add ketchup for instant satisfaction? Now I hate to be a linguo-fascist, some kind of pronuncio-pundit, or even worse: some kind of grammar-slamming silver-haired grandpa, BUT… since when is there a country in the Persian Gulf called “Cutter?” I mean, is it that difficult to pronounce correctly? Or are we trying to smear all Arabs with the same ‘jihadi-with-a-dagger’ (cutting) brush?

I hope not, but is ‘Cutter’ the best we can do, reduce the name of your country to some Looney Tunes Yosemite Sam version of Nat Geo? Okay, I realize it’s NOT pronounced like ‘guitar-with-a-K’, so maybe ‘Cutter’ is not so bad, IF (drum roll here, please)…IF you actually pronounce the ‘T’ as “T”, so not like ‘cudder’, so typically American, but ‘CUT-TER’ with a ‘T’ not a ‘d’; got it? And separate the two syllables a little bit, okay? And get that tongue out of the back of your throat, and….