Soccer on the Brain, Sterling in Mind…


Lady footballers

Congrats to USA lady footballers! What’s with ‘soccer’, anyway? Sounds like violence against females. We should do what Thailand does, and call it ‘world football’, as opposed to American football, good idea, then maybe we’d find more to cheer about…  then there’s baseball, ball with bases, or basketball: ball with baskets.  How creative! Sports need new blood, fresh blood, someone like Steve Jobs or Richard Branson or Elon Musk.  I guess Mark Cuban will have to do, anything but Donald Sterling.  It was hard to find anything likable in Donald Sterling, why such a racist pig is allowed to run wild and own teams is beyond me but I guess he lowers his standards, and his drawers, when it comes to the late-night need for something stranger away in some manger no crib for a bed so do it all sitting at ringside.

Donld's silly rabbit

Donald’s silly rabbit

BUT: all Botox lips aside I’ll have to admit I find his crib-rib quite fetching, she the whore mistress lady-in-waiting whatchamacallher, not just her looks but her response to inquiries and her self-identity as his precious ‘silly rabbit’.  “I beg your pardon?” asks the not-quite-news-lady in not-quite-white-nor-waiting, journalistic integrity in hand with TV crews for Sunday-night news, ‘I’m his silly rabbit’, the crib-rib reiterates, and I heartily concur, we all need a silly rabbit, or maybe a cartoon dog like Mugsy or Biscuit or Koko or whoever, or any cat will do… a ‘kept’ woman is pretty much the same in any language… ‘mia gep’, เมียเก็บ