Travel on Sale! Dollar Days to End Soon!

The value of the US dollar (USD) over the last few months has created a travel opportunity for Americans the likes of which haven’t been seen for decades, back when “the dollar was king.” But that may be changing soon. Trading at less than $1.10 to the Euro recently, the dollar is now at $1.12 and climbing. Likewise the British pound (GBP) and Canadian dollar (CAD), the most important currencies for the average American, are at unprecedented levels of weakness against the dollar, but starting to show signs of change.

For all but the bravest economists, the complicated relationships between currencies and interest rates, and the prices of gold and oil, are not the stuff of idle conversation–yet they exist. The current situation will not last forever. Europe is beautiful in the fall, after the summer hordes have gone back home. Might be a good time to go check it out, before the dollar loses a quarter of its value. You heard it here first, remember…