Travel Alert: Black Saturday for Passports, No More Added Pages

Trail of Tears, Smudges on  Pages

Trail of Tears, Smudges on Pages

If you are a veteran inveterate traveler, then listen up and listen up good. The US State Department has announced that it will no longer be adding those 24-page passport inserts that stiffen up our credentials like Viagra and provide many nights of enjoyment, reminiscing over remote borders and intransigent a$$holes with badges on their lapels and our passports in their grubby mitts. So now you’ve got to replace the whole thing when it starts getting full—yuk. At least there is the option of an XXL size with 52 pages instead of the usual 28, but still… you’ve got until the end of this year to add more pages until they discontinue the service, but even that’s not free, like it used to be… bummer…