Welcome to the Hostel Arizona…

IMG_0327Well, we’ve had some interesting guests in the Hypertravel Hostel and Old (Mexican) Boarding House here in Tucson, Arizona, but maybe none more interesting than the crew shooting a pilot for a proposed new TV show called ‘Hotel Arizona’ (I suggested ‘Hostel Arizona’, but they aren’t buying it). That’s the irony, of course, that they’re staying in an authentic Mexican turn-of-last-century boarding house, while shooting Tucson for Mexico, and probably using something far less authentic for the eponymous ‘Hotel Arizona’.

IMG_0319I guess the script calls for adobe (true, it’s supposed to be a refugee crash pad on the not-so-underground railroad north from Guatemala, not a spiffy showpiece like mine). And that’s the beauty of my hostel, really, isn’t it, that it can almost magically and easily morph into one guise or another, according to the desires and demands of a populace attuned to its own tastes, not necessarily mine?

That means that in one year it’s been a hostel, a B&B, a vacation rental, an event location and more. Ironically, the idea I had in mind in the beginning—a hostel—is not the idea I finally had when I still meant to keep it, which was to indeed make it into a historical masterpiece, as location for events, including film shoots. But alas and alack, day late and a dollar short, that will not likely happen now that I’ve found a buyer for the place who wants to open a women’s shelter.

IMG_0322The house itself is not happy about this turn of events, of course. He keeps giving me this look like (in breathy voice), “I coulda’ been a contenderrrrr….”

“You are a contender, ‘bro,” I reassure him telepathically. “It’s just that there’s more to life than fame, you know?”

Silence. “I suppose you’re right. You’re always right, smart-ass.” Pause. “We’re BFF’s, ain’t we, hombre?”

“Yeah, man, we’re BFF’s. You know that.” He loves text talk.

That should keep him happy until closing time, with no unforeseen circumstances. He’s taking it better than I am, truth be told. It’s all quite sad, except for one thing: this is the first year in almost forty that I haven’t crossed a border. Yeow! We’ll have to do something about that; stay tuned…