Announcing a New Travel Service for Wannabe Trump Refugee Expatriates…

Image result for cubano de talBeat the rush! Don’t Delay! Don’t get caught looking the wrong way! If the thought of Donald Trump as our next President is as disgusting to you as it is to me, then start making plans to leave the country now, while the dollar is strong and the lines are short, because they likely won’t last long! Thousands of Americans reside in other countries even before the Trump card is played, and you can bet that number will increase if the Donald (el Donaldo, where you’ll likely be going) is elected.

Have you ever been to Asia? It might be a good time to visit! What about Latin America? Pues si, como no!? And the hottest travel destination in the world IMHO is Eastern Europe. Imagine, Europe at half the price, and equally cultured and beautiful! Of course, traveling there and living there are two different things, and working there another degree of difficulty altogether. So first, define your objective: escaping the new revised USA of Donald A$$hole Trump, of course, got it.

Second: do you want to work, travel, retire or all of the above? If you want to work a lot, for BIG BIG bucks, then 1) think about hi-tech places with big economies like Japan, Korea, Singapore, and China out east; or Dubai, Qatar or elsewhere mid-way. In either case you’ll be something of a component part of the ‘generic-English’ (language) contingent that occupies significant niches in both regions, fine if your plans there are temporary and your roots shallow. Life may not be cheap, but the bucks are good.

2) If your goal is to live cheaply and maybe work a little for diversion or do your work online, then places like Thailand, Vietnam, and China out east or Costa Rica, Colombia, and Argentina down south figure prominently. Notice that China is in both groups, the world powerhouse itself, where you might just become a laowai star if you can learn the lingo and are cute and young. Otherwise just make sure your WiFi signal is good and the rent is cheap, and you’ve found some succor with the locals.

3) If you just want to travel, then the world is your oyster. SE Asia and Latin America are long-time cheapo faves and almost any place is worth checking out, at least once. Many are the places that I went to only because they are there, later to found out that they are sublimely cool places to hang! Ethiopia? Check it out! Madagascar? Don’t delay! Chile? What are you waiting for?

And the best part is that you can always come back! Surely Americans will come to their senses sometime, won’t they? Won’t they? But I wouldn’t wait until the last minute to start making plans. If Trump even makes it into the general election, I’d start packing, if I were you. Trump may stop others from coming here, but he can’t stop you from leaving. C U in Kampuchea!