Hold the Press! Late-Breaking News! Tibet Is Open!

IMG_0064I just got direct word-of mouth from travelers in Asia that Tibet is indeed open for independent travel, as I’d hoped, and I quote my friend Tom F:

“I just talked to a traveller who was there, in Lhasa.  You just get their regular China visa.  They want your entry and exit points.  Make sure those points are not anywhere in east (west?) China, (Tibet or Xinjiang,  Qinghai).  They want itinerary I think as well… Once you get into the country,  do whatever you want.   it seems there’s no interior monitoring of where you go after you’ve  entered the country.  it may be riskier if flying around the country?  that may be monitored.”

There you have it, hope for the disenfranchised China hand.  C U in Xizang!