Motorcycles swarm the roads like flies on…

IMG_0197…sand, through the hourglass, they sifting ahead to the front of the queue at every red light.  They occupy no lane of their own, nor could they if they wanted to.  Women ride sidesaddle lady-like on the back to keep their virtue intact, or at least the illusion of such.  Motorcycles go both directions on the road’s shoulder with impunity and full moral authority.  Southeast Asia is a motorcycle culture.

You should see the old quarter of Hanoi, which has no traffic lights.  Every intersection is a scramble of motorbikes and people that has to be seen to be believed.  Only then will you realize how they won the war.  They simply out-endured us, as they do everything.  In Bali, when the traffic backs up, motorbikes simply take to the sidewalks without a moment’s hesitation.  A motorbike is still a status symbol in Cambodia.  Laos doesn’t have much of anything, but is slowly catching up.