Somaliland Stirred not Shaken; Chewed not Spat

My experience with Dallo Airlines, the one that had an explosion in mid-air, probably the exact same plane….

แสง สี เสียง: Light, Color and Sound

Street Market in Somaliland Street Market in Somaliland

…get on a bus for a country that doesn’t really exist, except in someone’s imagination: existential ball-juggling 401… Somalia now effectively divided into three, Somaliland relatively peaceful and open for business, connected by land to the also relatively peaceful states of Djibouti and Ethiopia. Somaliland issues visas and currency and guards its borders just like everyone else.

…catch the first bus out of Harar at daybreak, make my connection in Jijiga and continue on, certain to make Hargeisa within the day now… Travel in Ethiopia not hard so much as slow, crammed in like proverbial sardines… the vast Ogaden Desert, cousin to the Arabian and Sahara, spread out endlessly ahead, highland Ethiopia maybe the only real break in a desert stretching from Morocco to China.

You decrease in elevation as you increase in heat, by some adiabatic ratio, and the Christian passion and delicate features of…

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