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  • hardie karges 12:12 pm on June 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    #Bangkok After the #Food Ban: Don’t think twice, it’s all right… 

    IMG_2427Okay, so I’m being a bit snarky and ragging on a couple of friends who took extreme exception to the ruling Thai military junta’s recent decision to crack down on sidewalk vending, including food vending, to which some of them responded by threatening to cancel their biennial bivouacs in the Land of Smiles. Well, that crackdown got written up as something like: “Ban on Thai Street Food!” which of course is total BS, as no food in Thailand is banned, to my knowledge, certainly nothing like the status of pork in Islamistan or the status of bovine burgers in India…

    No, this is a crackdown on sidewalk vending…

    Not to mention the fact that of all the pictures of this supposedly ‘banned’ street food, none—absolutely zero—of them was indeed street food, i.e. sidewalk food. Now I doubt that the average farang—Westerner—even knows what som tam is, much less ever eaten it, and that is probably THE most popular ‘street’ food in Thailand, whether Bangkok or the countryside. I mean, the first time I ordered that ‘papaya salad’ on a restaurant menu, I almost died when I saw what they brought me, and NO, cream is not an optional topping. Marinated emulsified fish is… (More …)

  • hardie karges 1:41 pm on April 25, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Part 1: Street Food Crisis in Bangkok, City of Angels, L-O-S… 


    Best northern food in Chiang Mai, but not on the sidewalk…

    Land of Smiles, that is, until you f*ck with the food, just one spoonful short of the prized phrik (hot pepper) or sacred sugar, and you’re in real trouble, Thai food something of a gustatory dialectic wending its way between the extremes of spicy and jeut, sour and sweet, hot and cold flavors, filling or not. And now the military government wants to clean up the sidewalks of street vendors, including food vendors…

    Well, you’d think North Korea had begun launching missiles down south, the way the Twitter-verse and Facebookers are responding to Bangkok’s crackdown on ‘street food’ this week. Now everybody is Anthony Freaking Bourdain, with epicurean DNA, a favorite street chef in Bangkok, a culinary stiffie and a golden thumb for golden drum-sticks, browned and crisped to smoky perfection and ready for prime time… (More …)

    • davekingsbury 9:06 pm on April 25, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      My son has just returned from Thailand and he and his family enjoyed the street food … will show him this when I see him next. Wonder if he had that som tam …

  • hardie karges 9:03 pm on December 15, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Digital Muslims and Ancient Chinese Foodies… 

    021Who says Islam is backward and sexist? I’d say they must be pretty advanced if they have e-moms.  But why do they stay in the mosques? Do their kids still have to clean up their rooms, or does the e-mom do that?  Can you just phone it in?  Upload it?  Do they make meatloaf–digital meatloaf, that is?  I hate meatloaf.  The best thing about Islam is the prohibition against pork.  We know what pigs eat.

    Chinese people love pork, but then Chinese people will eat anything with four legs, as long as it isn’t a table, the original pan-gastronomes, likely the first to cook food, likely the first to use pans. It tastes better that way. Chinese food is nothing if not hot wok.  You can quote me on that.  I hear Muslims have moo-lahs, too, which sounds like a dairy product, but don’t quote me on that…

    • Esther Fabbricante 11:20 pm on December 15, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      What will you think of next? I am just now home from singing carols at Brandon Court Nursing Home.


  • hardie karges 4:36 am on December 28, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    In South Thailand They Like it Hot… & Sweet 


    Muslim Food in Trang, Thailand

    The food down south, fierce and fiery, is renowned even amongst Thais for its spiciness. That includes yellow curries, and of course, seafood, a welcome addition for us semi-vegetarians quickly backsliding into ovo-lacto-chicketarianism.

    Then there are the sweets, similar to the rest of Thailand, and heavily based on the use of coconut, or at least the ‘milk’ (not to be confused with the ‘water’). This is native to the south, of course, and likely the point of dissemination toward the north, along with much of ‘Thai’ cuisine, curries originally from Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Indian sub-continent, in my theory, at least.

    Thai southern sweets: Trang, Thiland

    Thai southern sweets: Trang, Thiland

    There is also ‘Muslim food’, which is really not so much different, to be honest, and which I take to be vindication of my theory of southern origins. Still they make a distinction in numerous eateries, mostly in the oldest part of town. You won’t find pork, there, though, that’s for sure, and that’s the main difference.

    BTW be careful with the coconut milk. Over-indulgence can have a constipatory effect, as I found out the hard way years ago during a brief love affair with sticky rice and mango. That’s a triple whammy I don’t want to repeat.


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